Real-Time Document Image Retrieval with LLAH
Demonstration Videos

No. of pages in the DB windows media player real player
Short introduction 5,000 8.5MB 3.0MB
Document image retrieval and augmented reality 10,000 0.6MB 1.1MB
Resolution of a web camera 1280 X 1024 5,000 8.8MB 1.7MB
1024 X 768 7.1MB 1.3MB
Captured region 1/1 (whole) 8.8MB 1.7MB
1/2 8.1MB 1.5MB
1/4 8.5MB 1.6MB
1/8 8.1MB 1.5MB
Non-linear deformation 7.3MB 1.4MB
Other videos 10,000 3.0MB 1.9MB
3.7MB 0.8MB

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